Belize It Or Not! -NLW25
 Big Apple Red -NLN25
 Black Tie Optional -NLW21
 Bogotá Blackberry -NLF52
 Cara Mia Crimson -NLI32
 Chicago Champagne Toast -NLS63
 Chick Flick Cherry -NLH02
 Deer Valley Spice -NLA90
 Dutch Tulips -NLL60
 Far East Fuchsia -NLF02
 Grand Canyon Sunset -NLL30
 Grape Wall of China -NLW32
 I'm Not Really a Waitress -NLH08
 Innsbruck Bronze -NLR04
 Italian Love Affair -NLI27
 Jewel of India -NLF09
 Java Mauve-A -NLS46
 Kennebunk-port -NLN09
 Kimono'ver Here -NLF11
 Kyoto Pearl -NLL03
 Malaga Wine -NLL87
 Malaysian Mist -NLP62
 Mat-adore Red -NLW24
 Nantucket Mist -NLS26
 Nomad's Dream -NLP02
 OPI Red -NLL72
 Outback Aphrodisiac -NLW22
 Queen of d'Nile -NLW28
 Route Beer Float -NLS70
 Russian to a Party -NLW30
 SoHo Nice to Meet You -NLN24
 Swedish Nude -NLL06
 Wanted...Red or Alive -NLW08
 Whole Lotta Seoul -NLI12
 Wyatt Earple Purple -NLW04
 You're a Pisa Work -NLI25
 Your Villa or Mine? -NLI31

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